Pancakes pomme IG bas de Bérangère Philippon

Low GI apple pancakes by Bérangère Philippon

If you're interested in the low GI diet, you probably know Bérangère Philippon from the Instagram account @0sucre_et_igbas!

We love her journey and decided to share one of our favorite snack recipes from her second book.

For 10 low GI pancakes:

- 180g finely grated apple (using a food processor or grater)
- 1 egg
- 100g vegetable milk of your choice (cashew, almond, coconut)
- 100g Greek-style sheep's yoghurt
- 40g almond powder
- 30g hulled barley flour (GI=30) or small spelt flour (GI=40)
- 30g T150 wheat flour (GI=45)
- 1/2 teaspoon baking soda or baking powder

👉 Mix flours, almond powder and baking soda. Pour the vegetable milk into the center, mixing gently to avoid lumps. Add the egg, then the yoghurt and finally the grated apple.

👉 Heat an oiled frying pan (olive oil) or small pancake maker. Pour in pancake-size batter. Brown on both sides.

👉 You can also replace the grated apple with no-sugar-added compote.

Enjoy plain or with a topping of your choice: 1 piece of melted 70% chocolate, 1 drizzle of acacia honey or 1 tsp hazelnut purée!


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