Our mission

Don't deprive yourself of dessert anymore thanks to our gourmet pastries, reduced in sugar and with a low glycemic index!

Oh yes ! favors unrefined ingredients that naturally have a low glycemic index .

The glycemic index , the GI, is an objective measurement which allows us to understand the speed of absorption of sugar (i.e. carbohydrates) in the body. A high GI means that carbohydrates will surge into the bloodstream and cause a spike in blood sugar, a low GI means that carbohydrates will be
absorbed slowly.

A glycemic index is considered low when it is less than 55 and high when it is greater than 70. The glycemic index of pastries Oh Yes! will always be below 25.

Also, each pastry has been designed with up to 65% less sugar than a similar pastry.
market tradition!

Say goodbye to white sugar, white flour and sweeteners! The recipes are made from coconut blossom sugar, grape sugar, wholemeal flour or chickpeas for pastries rich in fiber *. Also, no sugar alcohol (maltitol, xylitol, erythritol, etc.), coloring or flavoring
artificial have been added.

Consumed in reasonable quantities, sugar provides daily energy, but it is its overconsumption that is problematic.

Today, it is found everywhere and an excess of sugar in the long term can result in weight gain or the appearance of cardiovascular diseases or diabetes.

Consumption of sugar causes an increase in blood sugar levels which the body will manage by secreting a hormone: insulin.

Its role is to regulate blood sugar levels at a balanced level by transforming excess sugar to store it in the form of glycogen (stored in muscles, the liver, etc.) and triglycerides (fats). Blood sugar levels will then drop, sometimes causing the feeling of “slump” after a meal.

Our collaboration with the Pasteur Institute of Lille

From the start of the Oh Oui! adventure, it seemed important to us to provide a reliable scientific answer to our customers.

We were therefore supported by the Institut Pasteur de Lille which guided us in the choice of ingredients to use to lower the GI of our pastries.

Some have even been the subject of a clinical study (in vivo) carried out by the Pasteur Institute in Lille.

How do we calculate the GI of our pastries?

Before becoming part of our range, all our pastries are subject to in vitro testing in an independent approved laboratory.

Enzymatic solutions are used to mimic the digestion process in the laboratory by artificially simulating the passages in the stomach and intestines.

Samples are taken at different “digestion times” to measure the carbohydrates released quickly as well as those released slowly.

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