Marbré chocolat IG bas

Low GI chocolate marble

Do you know Jean-François Rousseau, better known by his Instagram account "recipes.diabete"? When his daughter became type 1 diabetic at the age of 8, he had to adapt his way of preparing meals without depriving her. Since then, he has come a long way and has even published a recipe book. And good news, he has accepted that we share one with you 🙌!

For a chocolate marble 8 people 👨‍🍳


- 3 eggs

- 140g of blanched almond flour

- 40g of spelt flour

- 1 sachet of yeast

- 25g of dark chocolate with 100% cocoa powder, without sugar

- 8cl of milk

- 60g of butter

- 75g of coconut oil

- 1 vanilla bean

- 150g agave syrup

👉 Heat the milk, then let the split vanilla bean infuse (put the beans in the milk). Melt the butter and coconut oil

👉 Beat the egg whites until stiff

👉 Mix the almond flour with the spelt flour and the yeast, then add the following ingredients while continuing to whisk: the eggs, then the butter and coconut oil mixture, the agave syrup and finally the vanilla milk (without the pod)

👉 Using a spatula, gradually add the egg whites, stirring gently. The mixture should be homogeneous. Reserve half of the preparation

👉 Mix the chocolate with the second half of the preparation

👉 In a lightly buttered silicone cake pan, pour half of the preparation without chocolate, then the chocolate, and finally the second half without chocolate.

👉 With a knife, make 3-4 deep streaks, then one lengthwise.

👉 Bake for 60 minutes at 150°C in a convection oven. Let cool and enjoy 😋


Delphine and Fanny

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