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What sweet snack for your children (or the big gourmets)

Many of us can't do without a snack to get us through the day (especially the Oh Oui ! team who never go a day without a good snack!).

The snack is a comforting moment, synonymous with pleasure and reward. It is also a well-deserved break after an intense day. And finally, it avoids rushing to eat dinner.

But snacks can be a real headache when you're watching your diet. So we reveal some tips to create a snack tailored to your desires and your goals.

Ideas for sweet snacks for children

Types of snacks / Low GI foods

Recommended servings

Glycemic load
Dark chocolate 2 squares 1,7
Oatmeal 20 grams 6,8
Oat bran bread + hazelnut spread 1 slice of bread and 1 spoon of spread 1 slice : 6
1 spoon : 1,6
Apricot 1 1,9
Clementines 2 4
Fresh figs 2 3,7
Blackberries 200 grams 2,8
Plum 1 2,2
Almond 30 grams 0,5
Avocado 1 1,2
Almond milk without sugar 1 glass 0,5
Soy milk
1 glass
Fresh cheese 1 jar of 100 grams 0,8
Mixed yogurt 1 pot 2,3
Cheese 1 piece
Paris-Brest Oh Yes 1 3,6
Goat cheese
1 piece of 30 grams

In conclusion...

We hope these ideas will help you find the perfect snack for you and your children.

If this article has given you new snack ideas or just helped you, please share it around by clicking "share" at the bottom of this article.

We're curious, what healthy snacks do you give your kids?

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