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Where can we find our low GI pastries?

More and more of you are following us via our newsletter and our networks. It’s incredible and we thank you ❤️! We receive a lot of messages asking where to get our reduced sugar and low glycemic index pastries: we explain everything to you:

🏬 Our store in Paris

Yes, adventure Oh Yes! started more than 3 years ago in our small Parisian boutique at 95 rue du Bac in the 7th arrondissement of Paris. We offer our entire range there, mainly to take away, but we have two small seats if you ever need to rest after your shopping at Le Bon Marché or the Grande Epicerie!

🍪 Delivery Paris

Quickly and a little forced by what we called “confinement” (are we where that seems very far away today?), we developed delivery throughout the inner suburbs of Paris thanks to a great team of delivery people . You can order in the morning to be delivered to your home or office in the afternoon. Isn't life beautiful?

🚚 Delivery France

Obviously, we knew that people paying attention to their sugar consumption and people with diabetes did not only live in Paris, so we had to find a solution to reach you in the four corners of France. The solution was found thanks to our partner Chronofresh who delivers our frozen pastries throughout France . Why frozen? This simply ensures that they are not damaged during transport and without having to add preservatives to our recipes. And then like that, you can keep them in the freezer and take them out whenever you want.

❄️ Our collaboration Oh Yes! x Picard

This is truly one of our dreams that has come true !!! Since March 2023, you can find exclusive products in all Picard stores in France, Belgium and Luxembourg, always with the aim of making our pastries accessible to everyone!

And you, where do you prefer to find our pastries?


Delphine and Fanny

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Delivery France by Chronofresh ❄️

Delivery to Paris and the inner suburbs in charge