Les types de farines de blé

Types of wheat flour

If you've ever wondered what the T in front of the numbers on flours stands for, this article is for you 🙌!

You should know that the more refined a flour is, the higher its glycemic index is because it has lost the "bran", i.e. the envelope that surrounds the grain and the germ where fibers, vitamins and minerals are contained.

Refining was democratized because white flour was more aesthetic and easier to cook, but today, it is important to return to less refined products that are better for your health!

The T corresponds to the type of flour, followed by its degree of refining. It is calculated thanks to the ash content which is an indication of the flour's mineral content. The lower the ash content, the purer and whiter the flour, because the minerals are mainly contained in the bran..

At Oh Oui ! our motto is to avoid using white flour in our baked goods because it turns into sugar during digestion. In fact,white flour, which is very rich in carbohydrates, promotes a rise in blood sugar levels. These carbohydrates break down and turn into sugar in the blood .

We therefore use wholemeal flour, semi-wholemeal flour, chickpea flour and oat bran. Their fibers slow down the absorption of carbohydrates in the blood and ensure a stable blood sugar level!

Find our article on low GI flours right here : Which flours to use for low GI baking (ohoui.com)

See you soon!

Delphine and Fanny

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