Zoom sur le sirop d'agave

Focus on agave syrup

As you know, at Oh Oui ! we do not use white sugar in our baked goods! We use natural alternatives that have a naturally low glycemic index like coconut blossom sugar, grape sugar or agave syrup. And it is on the latter that we will focus today.

Where does agave syrup come from?

The agave syrup comes from the sap of agave, a cactus very widespread in Mexico. The main species used is the Agava Tequilana, which, as you can guess, is also used to make... Tequila!

The juice is extracted by pressing, but must be heated to a high temperature and hydrolyzed to obtain the taste and texture we know.

In the past, the Aztecs used agave syrup or agave nectar to sweeten drinks and food, to give as an offering to the gods or to treat skin diseases, thanks to its antibacterial and healing power.

Its properties?

👉 A low glycemic index

Agave syrup has a naturally low glycemic index of 15, which makes it a good alternative to white sugar or honey.

👉 A sweetening power superior to white sugar

Agave syrup is 40% sweeter than white sugar, while providing fewer calories and minerals.

👉 Rich in minerals

Unlike white sugar which contains "empty calories", agave syrup is full of minerals, it is rich in calcium, potassium, magnesium and iron.

👉 Less cariogenic

If you replace white sugar with agave syrup, you and your children will have less risk of developing cavities!

How to use it?

👉 Hot or cold use

This syrup also dissolves very easily in hot and cold drinks! Use it to replace white sugar in your tea, coffee, smoothie, yogurt...

👉 Pastries

Given its liquid nature, prefer it in creams and ganaches but it can be used in all your cakes. It will perfectly bind your preparations, and will contribute to a smooth texture!

To make your compotes or fruit coulis, add the agave syrup at the end of cooking so that it mixes perfectly with your preparation.

You can also use it as a topping to make your pies shine, or as a topping for your pancakes!

👉 A plant-based alternative to honey

For vegans and those who wish to move towards a more plant-based diet, agave syrup, by its texture and its use, will replace honey wonderfully!

Be careful though, agave syrup is mainly composed of fructose, so like all sources of sugar, even at low GI, you should not take advantage of it to abuse it. Agave syrup is beneficial if used sparingly as a replacement for white sugar 😉!

Find our article on coconut blossom sugar right here : Focus on coconut blossom sugar (ohoui.com)

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Je veux bien sur vous adoptez le sucre erythtitol restera le meilleur pour les diabétiques je voulais commander de chez vous mais le sirop d’agave ne me convient pas même si faible en IG restera risqué pour moi , beaucoup de personne mange keto mais on trouve pas de pâtisserie friendly keto


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