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Do you know Bene Bono 🥦?

Do you know Bene Bono 🥦?

For almost a year we have been partners and drop-off point at the store for Bene Bono baskets! For those who don't yet know Bene Bono, their equation is simple:

Good products + saved from waste + up to 40% cheaper

Bene Bono is committed on a daily basis by supporting French producers and committed manufacturers, by purchasing their products which would be refused by stores for absurd reasons:

👉 Too small or too big

👉 In surplus

👉 With a slightly original shape

Their solution?
A basket composition that varies depending on the rescues of the week, but a sure value: all the fruits and vegetables are organic, French and seasonal, and many other food and hygiene and maintenance products come from committed manufacturers, up to 40% cheaper than in organic stores 👏.

Every year, 10,000,000 tonnes of products are wasted in France and we are proud to participate in this great initiative. To find out if Bene Bono baskets are available near you, go directly to their website here: Bene Bono

If this is not the case, ask the producers directly near you if baskets of this type exist!

And for those who still don't know, we also support the Too Good To Go initiative by donating 2 baskets of unsold products every day!

Beautiful gourmet week

Delphine and Fanny

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