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Beware of hidden sugars!

When we think of sugar, the image that often comes to mind is the sugar we add to our coffee or find in desserts. However, it is crucial to understand that many sugars lurk in all types of foods, contributing to excessive consumption and harmful effects on our health.

Here are some common examples of sources of added sugars that may be hiding in your everyday products:

👉 Tomato sauces and ketchup: Canned or bottled tomato sauces may contain significant amounts of sugar to balance the acidity of the tomatoes. Choose sauces with reduced sugar content or make your own sauce at home.

👉 “Light” yogurts: Claimed low-fat yogurts may be high in added sugars to compensate for the loss of flavor due to the reduction in fat. Instead, opt for natural or Greek yogurts and add fresh fruit or honey.

👉 Breakfast cereals: Many commercial cereals, especially those aimed at children, can be loaded with sugar. Choose cereals with reduced sugar or opt for healthier options like oatmeal.

👉 Energy Bars: These products may seem healthy, but many contain added sweeteners and sugars. Read nutrition labels carefully and choose options without added sugar.

👉 Fruit juice: Fruit juices, even 100% natural, can contain a high amount of sugar. Limit your juice consumption and favor the consumption of whole fruits.

👉 Zero-Calorie Drinks: Diet sodas and zero-calorie drinks may contain artificial sweeteners that trick the brain into sugar addiction and can also have health effects. Water remains the best option.

👉 Canned or bagged soups: Some prepared soups may contain added sugars to improve taste. Choose low-sugar options or make your own soups at home.

👉 Salad Dressings: Many store-bought salad dressings and dressings contain added sugars to improve taste. Opt for low-sugar options or make your own dressing at home.

👉 Pasta Sauces: Ready-made pasta sauces can be high in sugar. Prepare your own sauces at home with fresh, natural ingredients.

By remaining vigilant and carefully reading the labels on the products you purchase, you can make informed decisions to reduce your consumption of added sugars and promote a more balanced diet.

And for dessert, think of Oh Oui! pastries, without white sugar, white flour or sweetener for a guilt-free moment of pleasure!

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