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10 tips for moving more 🏃‍♀️

Our pastries recommended by Dr Good 🥰!

For those who don't know, Dr Good is the magazine of the best-known doctor in France: Michel Cymes!

In the January - February issue, we focus on "Healthy" pastries because less sugar is better for your health! And we are happy to be part of the magazine’s selection of low glycemic index pastries 🤩.

And as the magazine well points out, an hour and a half of moderate physical activity per week halves the risk of diabetes!

Today we are sharing with you their 10 tips to implement every day to move more, without even realizing it!

👉 Always take the stairs for the first three floors, even if it means ending up with the elevator

👉 Standing on public transport , you alternately contract your abs and glutes!

👉 In parking lots , we deliberately look for a space far from the entrance or the stairs

👉 At work , you choose the coffee machine or printer furthest from your desk

👉 To unwind at the end of a complicated day, dance to your favorite song for 5 minutes!

👉 During TV commercial breaks , we do 20 knee raises or 1 minute of core training

👉 While doing the dishes, we tiptoe up and down.

👉 We brush our teeth while sitting against the wall or balancing on one foot.

👉 At home , every time your child or partner calls, you do a squat before answering.

👉 On the phone , if the call lasts more than a minute, you walk 100 steps or work your other arm with a bottle of water as a dumbbell!

And you, do you have any other tips?

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