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Oh Oui !

Pastry flan

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Young and old, everyone loves flan!

With its shortcrust pastry base, its smooth cream with fresh eggs and milk and its subtle note of vanilla, we found THE recipe that made us fall in love!

Product information

For a pastry flan (140gr)

Glycemic index : 13,5
Glycemic load: 3
40% less sugar*.

228 Kcal
22.9g of carbohydrates
Including 13.7g of low glycemic index sugars (coconut flower sugar, grape sugar)
Rich in fiber: 6.10%.


Do not freeze Oh Oui ! products
We advise you to eat the pastries within 24 hours for an optimal experience

*compared to a similar standard pastry on the market

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Isabelle BOURQUE
Flan patissier

Se faire plaisir sans culpabliser et sans nuire à sa santé: un flan très gourmand à consommer sans modération

Vous avez tout compris à Oh Oui ! . A très vite Isabelle ! Delphine et Fanny

Un réel délice !

Je suis accro de cette pâtisserie. Onctueux, goût de vanille juste comme il faut. Très belle surprise !
Très surprenant, lors de la première dégustation, compte tenu du peu sucre qu'il contient. Désormais, je ne mange que les flans de chez Oh Oui !

  • "Maxi plaisir sans un gramme de sucre raffiné ou d'édulcorants"

  • "Le dessert healthy sexy"

  • "Notre grand coup de coeur !"

  • "On adore cette adresse pour sa gourmandise, évidemment, mais surtout pour les sourires qu’elle est capable de donner"

  • "Craquez sans mauvaise conscience pour ces pâtisseries qui ne font pas l'impasse sur la gourmandise"

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Treat the whole family this weekend, and surprise them with our recipes without refined white sugar!

On weekends, we love to get together with our families for a good meal.

It's an opportunity to share a moment of relaxation and pleasure with the people we love. And there's nothing like a box of Oh Oui ! pastries placed on the table at the end of the meal.

There's something for everyone, and diabetics are no longer deprived of dessert: our delicious pastries are low in sugar so that everyone can enjoy their meal while keeping their figure and controlling their blood sugar levels.

Rediscover the taste of good things without feeling guilty, less sugar, more taste!

When you are diabetic, no food is forbidden, but you must know how to control the consumption of certain products and pastries are one of them.

The pastries have been designed for people with a controlled diet: women with gestational diabetes and people with type 1 and 2 diabetes. They have been tested "in-vivo" in the laboratory and are guaranteed low GI.

All this while fulfilling their main mission: to please you!