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Oh Oui !

Finger de saison - Fraise

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Une pâte sablé nature, une crème d'amande onctueuse, une crème légère à la vanille et des fraises ! 50% de sucre en moins*, un index glycémique <25 et riche en fibres !

*par rapport à pâtisserie standard similaire du marché

Product information

Nous vous communiquons l'IG exact très très vite ! En attendant, voilà les valeurs nutritionnelles :

Pour 100 g :

50% de sucre en moins*
279 Kcal
10g de glucide
dont 6g de sucres à index glycémique bas
Riche en fibres : 9% de fibres

Allergènes : BLE, LAIT, OEUF, AMANDE

Nous vous conseillons de déguster les pâtisseries dans les 24h pour une expérience optimale

*par rapport à une pâtisserie standard similaire du marché

Treat the whole family this weekend, and surprise them with our recipes without refined white sugar!

On weekends, we love to get together with our families for a good meal.

It's an opportunity to share a moment of relaxation and pleasure with the people we love. And there's nothing like a box of Oh Oui ! pastries placed on the table at the end of the meal.

There's something for everyone, and diabetics are no longer deprived of dessert: our delicious pastries are low in sugar so that everyone can enjoy their meal while keeping their figure and controlling their blood sugar levels.

Rediscover the taste of good things without feeling guilty, less sugar, more taste!

When you are diabetic, no food is forbidden, but you must know how to control the consumption of certain products and pastries are one of them.

The pastries have been designed for people with a controlled diet: women with gestational diabetes and people with type 1 and 2 diabetes. They have been tested "in-vivo" in the laboratory and are guaranteed low GI.

All this while fulfilling their main mission: to please you!

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