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Lemon tartlet

Lemon tartlet

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Ahoy, ahoy, to all of you who love lemon tartlet but miss out on dessert! Here's what you need. The lemon tartlet is a crispy shortbread crust, Sicilian lemon cream and lime zest. It will make your mouth water before you even take the first bite.

For a lemon finger (90gr):

Glycemic index 18

Glycemic load 4.1

59% less sugar*

295 Kcal

23g of carbohydrates

Including 9.9g of sugars with a low glycemic index (coconut flower sugar)

Rich in fiber: 11%

Allergens: WHEAT, MILK, EGG

Once defrosted, we advise you to enjoy the pastries within 24 hours for an optimal experience. Frozen product, do not refreeze after defrosting.

*compared to a similar standard pastry on the market

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