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Paris Brest eclair - France

Paris Brest eclair - France

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Start your weekend off right with this classic French dessert revisited in an Oh Oui ! style. With a hazelnut mousseline cream inside a crunchy cracker, topped with roasted hazelnut slivers, it's sure to please! Your taste buds will rediscover what they have been missing all this time.

For a Paris-Brest éclair (80g):

Glycemic index 21

Glycemic load 3.7

39% less sugar*

331 Kcal

17.6g carbohydrates

Including 8g of sugar with a low glycemic index (grape sugar)

Rich in fiber: 8%


Once defrosted, we advise you to enjoy the pastries within 24 hours for an optimal experience. Frozen product, do not refreeze after defrosting.

*compared to a similar standard pastry on the market

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