Une galette des rois IG bas !

A low GI King's cake!

Last year, Oh Oui! launched its first GI Galette des Rois and the response was so great that many couldn't get one! This year, we've got a bigger plan, but don't delay in reserving yours 😍!

The recipe for this success?

A puff pastry made with wholemeal flour and butter for an airy and crispy side. An almond cream with grey almond powder, free-range eggs and grape sugar.

The result?

A galette reduced in sugars with 52% less sugar than a traditional cake and a very low glycemic index of 18 which will not impact your blood sugar level. Also, this cake is rich in fiber!

Paris reservation

The galettes will be available at the store and in delivery in the inner suburbs of Paris from 29 December, reserve yours quickly 😋

Reservation France

And yes! Great news this year, we will be able to deliver frozen galettes to be cooked at home. We will start delivering from December 24th.

Nothing to worry about for the cooking: In a fan oven at 175°C, cook your cake between 35 and 45 minutes depending on your oven. It should be nicely browned. To you the incredible smell that comes out of the oven 👩‍🍳

Don't hesitate to write us if you have any questions!

Delphine and Fanny

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Nous avons partagé hier avec des amis votre galette des rois, elle était excellentissime..
merci beaucoup
Belle journée 🙏

christine cloitre

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