Un maxi éclair pour la fête des pères !

A maxi éclair for Father's Day!

After the moms' celebration, it's the dads' turn 👨.

If you have shopped around for ties, books and perfumes, we have a gift for you that you can share with him! We noticed during these (soon!) 3 years at the store that men in general were very fans of our Paris-Brest, so we decided to offer it in XL format for 3 to 4 gourmands 😍!

This éclair made of a cracker topped with hazelnut mousseline cream will make you melt! Hazelnut pieces and chocolate coulis make this dessert even more decadent! Also, it will not impact your blood sugar levels, the proof! :

🙌 Glycemic index 14
🤗 Glycemic load 2.3 (For a portion of 67.5g)
🤩 49% less sugars compared to a similar éclair on the market
👍 13 % fiber
At the store, we decorate it with a gourmet dark chocolate coulis, which we cannot do in frozen products. But at Oh Oui! we are nice and we share our tip with you: you can melt 70% dark chocolate with a little butter to add that final touch at home 🍫!

Don't hesitate to order your frozen pastries today via Chronofresh and store your desserts in the freezer until the big day 🙌. Attention, limited edition!

Delphine and Fanny

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