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Who said that sport and diabetes are incompatible?

Who said that diabetes and sport are incompatible? Certainly not us and certainly not Romain Gioux 💪.

Who is Roman? A distinguished athlete who has just finished the Half Ironman world championships which took place in Lahti (Finland). As a reminder, a Half Ironman consists of 1.9 km of swimming, 90 km of cycling and 21.1 km of running, just that 😮!

161st in its category (that of 30-39 year olds), ultimately its ranking does not matter. Romain completed his effort! Originally from Nevers, he has suffered from type 1 diabetes since he was 17.

“It’s not the place that actually counts,” explains Romain Gioux. "What is very important for me is that I completed my effort. It was a constant battle. For example, my sugar level was, during almost the entire cycling part, a a little too high. And unfortunately, I was not able to eat properly during the effort."

We are proud of its result. Romain contacted us last year because he was looking for sponsors to pursue his dream, so he ran, swam and rode with Oh Oui! near him. A great example for all people with diabetes and all athletes who surpass themselves every day 👏. We hope this inspiring story encourages you to persevere through your own challenges!

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