Quelles farines utiliser pour de la pâtisserie IG bas ?

Which flours to use for low GI pastry?

Flour is a key element in pastry making: from shortbread and choux pastries to cakes, it is constantly used in different preparations.

However, the classic flour we find is not recommended for a low glycemic index diet: indeed, the GI of T45 flour is 85. T55 flour is close, with a GI of 75. And for good reason: the more refined a flour is (sifted and filtered), the less fiber and nutrients it will contain.

Fortunately, there are many alternatives, which can be easily obtained and substituted in recipes. Visit any organic grocery store, and you should have no trouble finding the right alternative for you. We recommend that you use flour mixes, combining different types. For example, replace refined flour with 70% T150 wheat flour and 30% coconut flour. You will obtain tasty and greedy textures!

1. An alternative flour that we use at Oh Oui ! is whole wheat flour (T150, GI 50) and semi-complete (T110, GI 65). This flour is not very refined, and still contains precious fibers: they will help slow down the assimilation of carbohydrates.

2. Another flour to replace refined white flour is chickpea flour. With a GI of 35, it can considerably regulate the final index of your recipe. Chickpea flour will also bring a light nutty touch to your recipes!

3. The last flour you will find in our recipes is oat bran: very rich in fiber, it has a GI of 15. When in contact with water, its fibers will form a gel and will allow you to reach satiety more quickly: your pastries will be more calming, but no less greedy...

4. Coconut flour is another alternative to refined flour: rich in fiber and nutrients, its GI is 35. It has a natural and slightly sweet taste, which will enhance the greediness of your creations. Rich in selenium and manganese, make it a precious health ally!

5. Finally, lupin flour has a GI of 15. It is gluten-free, has a light nutty taste, and is very rich in protein! It can even replace eggs in a brioche ... Beware, however, of lupin allergy, which affects a growing part of the population.

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Merci beaucoup pour ces recommandations bien utiles

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