Oh Oui ! embarque dans la capsule temporelle de l'alimentation

Oh Oui! boards the food time capsule

On Tuesday March 21, 100 French agri-food brands, including Oh Oui !, slipped their vision of what the French will be eating in 10 years' time into a time capsule 🚀.

In 10 years' time: which farms, which products, which companies, which energies, which distribution channels, which consumers...?

These are the key questions we must answer if we are to reinvent ourselves with new ideas, new models and new perspectives, all pointing in the same direction: to enable the French to feed themselves sustainably in the years to come!

And of course, at Oh Oui ! we hope that the inclusion of a low glycemic index in the diet and education about the harmful effects of sugar will help to reverse the trend in the number of people with diabetes 📉. And we're proud to see that a major retailer like Picard is backing our project so that no-one goes without a dessert!

And what do you hope to see in 10 years' time? We're curious to find out!

See you in 2033 to take stock of what's been imagined and what's actually happening!

Delphine and Fanny

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