Oh Oui ! débarque chez Monoprix !

Oh Oui ! is coming to Monoprix !

Remember, for Easter we collaborated with Monoprix to offer you low glycemic index desserts all over France! We're back next week in the Monoprix* aisles, and this time it's the eclairs that are in the spotlight!

👉 The Paris-Brest éclair will make you melt with its crunchy cracker and hazelnut mousseline cream, sprinkled with roasted hazelnut chips! This éclair contains 49% less sugar than a traditional Paris-Brest and has a low glycemic index of 14.5.

👉 The Chocolate éclair is exclusive to Monoprix! A choux pastry cracker topped with a chocolate mousseline, you can't help but fall in love (without feeling guilty!). This éclair contains 70% less sugar than a classic chocolate éclair and its GI is 17.6!

Like all Oh Oui ! pastries, these recipes are rich in fiber and without sweetener!

This is the opportunity to try our recipes if you haven't yet dared to order! And if you're not too keen, have the rest of our range delivered directly to your home: Oh Oui! low glycemic index pastries

*Available in all Monoprix stores in France with a traditional bakery section.

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