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Our interview with Elsy!

We often talk to you about Elsy, this gourmet, reduced-sugar brand of chocolate! We also offer you Elsy chocolate balls in the store made from coral lentils and brown rice, to give you a sweet break without feeling guilty!

Claire, at the head of this brand, interviewed us to talk about our approach:

👉 Who are you and how did you get started in the “Oh Yes!” activity? ?

Delphine : I have always worked in the world of pastry within the marketing team of the Mademoiselle Desserts group. Following a health problem, I wanted to give more meaning to what I was doing and I had the idea of ​​launching a range of less sweet pastries, which combine health and deliciousness. I launched the Oh Oui! project. in 2020 in an approach to “eat better” and thus offer everyone the opportunity to enjoy without feeling guilty!

Fanny : I was there at the birth of the project, having worked for several years with Delphine.

Following a personal project abroad and having remained in contact with Delphine, I immediately jumped at the opportunity when she called me back on my return to France. I want to bring a modern and new vision of pastry through Oh Oui!. Being very greedy but aware of the impact of food on health, the Oh Oui! immediately resonated with me!

👉 How can you continue to enjoy yourself while limiting sugar consumption and reducing its impact on health?

We worked on new recipes, looking for new raw materials. Say goodbye to white sugar and white flour! We have succeeded in developing beautiful and delicious pastries using alternative ingredients such as coconut flower sugar, agave syrup, grape sugar, whole or semi-wholemeal flour as well as chickpea flour. After two years of work, the solution was found, our pastries are reduced in sugar, rich in fiber and with a low glycemic index, all without sweetener, which is a real feat in this field.

👉 How do you see Oh Yes! in ten years ?

We celebrated the store's three years this summer, which was an opportunity for us to take stock: Despite the pitfalls of Covid, this allowed us to reinvent ourselves by offering deliveries in the Paris region from the store then throughout France in frozen form thanks to our service provider Chronofresh. We were also distributed during promotional operations within the Monoprix brand throughout France.

Today, the Oh Oui pastries! are available in all Picard stores in France thanks to the partnership we have established, we are super proud of it!

It's a great challenge but we don't intend to stop there, why not go beyond borders? Diabetes is a global health issue today.

👉 What is your favorite dessert?

Delphine: The chocolate crepe!

Fanny: Chocolate mousse!!!

👉 How did you discover Elsy?

Capucine, the creator of Elsy, contacted us because she found the Oh Oui! approach interesting. around the low glycemic index and reduces it in sugars. We were immediately won over by Elsy products, and even decided to sell them in our boutique on rue du Bac.

And today we are working with Claire who has a thousand and one ideas and we are sure that this partnership will evolve!

👉 What do your customers think of Elsy?

We have our regulars who, in addition to buying pastries, like to indulge in an Elsy bag so they can treat themselves to a coffee or take a gourmet break without feeling guilty! We ourselves at the store like to ensure the deliciousness of the products by regular testing during our snacks :D.

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