Notre impact anti-gaspi 2022

Our anti-waste impact 2022

Since the beginning of the Oh Oui ! adventure, it was important for us to be a partner of Too Good To Go. For those who don't know, it's an application that connects merchants who have unsold products and local residents who can pick up these unsold products at closing time, at a low price, in the form of surprise baskets.

It's a win-win concept since the shopkeeper doesn't throw away his products and makes them discoverable to new customers who get good products at low prices and concretely commit themselves against food waste and therefore for the planet.

This idea was launched by Lucie Bash in 2016 and the application is now a world leader in the fight against food waste! Just that!

And since numbers are better than a thousand words, check out our anti-waste impact for 2022 :

Thanks to you for helping us not to waste!

Delphine and Fanny

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