Le diabète de type 1, 2 et gestationnel

Type 1, 2 and gestational diabetes

Type 1 diabetes

Cause: Autoimmune disease, which is a malfunction of the immune system. The pancreas no longer produces enough or any insulin. This abnormality is linked to an abnormal functioning that destroys the cells of the pancreas, which is responsible for producing the hormone (insulin). It generally occurs before the age of 35, with a peak in adolescence.

Symptoms: Significant fatigue, intense thirst, massive weight loss, frequent urination are the first symptoms. In the long term, the body can be weakened by unstable blood sugar levels: renal, visual, cardiovascular, cerebral and arterial disorders.

Treatment: Insulin injections several times a day to compensate for the lack of insulin produced by the body. The doses to be injected depend on the diet.

Statistics: Type 1 diabetics represent 6% of all diabetics (vs. 92% of type 2 diabetics, and 2% of gestational type). 1 diabetic out of 7 is unaware of his diagnosis, hence the importance of monitoring symptoms and consulting a doctor in case of doubt.

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