Les bienfaits de l'inuline (fibres de chicorée)

The benefits of inulin (chicory fibre)

All Oh Oui ! pastries are rich in fiber, meaning that they contain a minimum of 6% fiber in their recipe. This is due to the flours we use: wholemeal, semi-complete or chickpea flour, but also thanks to the oat bran and chicory fiber.

This last ingredient may not speak to you, that's why we're explaining everything! Chicory fiber, also known as inulin, is a water-soluble fiber that is part of the prebiotic family. It comes from the chicory root, which contains a significant amount of it, as you can see in the illustration below (source: Cosucra).

If you have a balanced diet, you must already have an intake of inulin without knowing it, as this fiber is contained in many plants such as artichokes, asparagus, leeks, legumes and bananas.

Inulin is a source of many benefits:

👉Improves transit

👉Improves the health of the intestinal flora

👉Controls blood sugar levels

👉Promotes satiety

👉Strengthens the immune system

👉Promotes good cardiovascular health

How to consume chicory fiber?

✔️ In baking, powdered inulin, in addition to lowering the glycemic index of your recipe, has a gelling and thickening effect, which allows you to reduce some of the fat!

✔️ Having a slightly sweet taste, you can also use it to sweeten your drinks, yogurts, smoothies...

✔️Another way to consume chicory, buy it in dehydrated preparation! With hot water, you will get a sweet drink with a caramelized taste. It's a perfect alternative to coffee if you want to reduce your daily caffeine intake.

For a prebiotic effect, a consumption of 5g to 15g per day is recommended, but do not exceed 30g per day. But be careful, if you are not used to consuming fiber on a daily basis or if you have fragile intestines, consuming too much at once could destabilize your digestive system and cause bloating or diarrhea.

Also, people suffering from fructose intolerance should be careful, as inulin is composed of fructose molecules. If you have any doubts or questions, don't hesitate to talk to your doctor who will be able to tell you how to integrate inulin slowly into your diet.

So let's give it a try?

Very nice week to you

Delphine and Fanny
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