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The 3 questions we get asked the most!

Every day more and more of you discover the store, we share with you our top three questions that we are asked the most when people don't yet know about Oh Yes!

1️⃣ “Can we eat twice as much?” or its variation, “do your pastries make you lose weight?”

Unfortunately it doesn't work like that, our pastries still contain calories so they are not miracle products! But good news, the low glycemic index of our pastries will limit the transformation of sugar into fat!!!

2️⃣ “Do you put sweeteners in it then?”

Oh no! No sweetener at Oh Oui! Their effect on health is disputed and they do not allow you to detoxify from sugar! We use coconut blossom sugar, agave syrup or grape sugar, which have a low GI and provide lots of good nutrients to the body.

3️⃣ “Is it still good?”

Obviously ! We are greedy above all and it was super important for us to offer pastries that really please the soul and the palate! The sugar will not mask the taste of the other ingredients which will be highlighted!

Do not hesitate to write to us if you have any other questions, we answer everyone!

Delphine and Fanny

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