Jus de fruits, plus sucré qu'un soda ?

Fruit juice, sweeter than a soda?

Sweeter than a soda?

For a long time, advertisements have shown us that a balanced breakfast or snack is composed of a fruit juice, is this really the case?

If you buy your juices in the shops, you can distinguish 3 differences:

👉 Pure juice

In these juices, only fruit juices are allowed, no sugar, additives, coloring or preservatives can be added

👉 Fruit juice from concentrate

The fruit juice will be "concentrated" because the water it contains will be partially evaporated to make its storage and transport easier and less expensive. This water will be returned to the packaging site.

👉 The nectars

Not much fruit here, nectars are made of syrup, juice or fruit puree (sometimes reconstituted) mixed with water and sugar, that's why they are much clearer than a pure juice.

Remember to look at the labels: the list of ingredients and the nutritional values will be good indicators of the quality of the juice in question.

The problem with these different industrial juices: between pressing and pasteurization, they will lose a lot of their nutritional value and especially their fiber, which is a way to slow down the glycemic peak.

The glycemic index of a juice can be doubled compared to the glycemic index (GI) of the fruit alone. Several studies have linked a higher incidence of type 2 diabetes in people who consume a lot of fruit juice. The National Health Nutrition Program (PNNS) is clear on the issue indicating that "fruit juices, whatever they are, are very sweet and low in fiber, it is recommended not to consume more than one glass per day and to take rather a pressed fruit".

The best thing to do is to eat the fruit whole to take advantage of all its benefits. If you still want to treat yourself to a good juice: make it at home, do not exaggerate on the portions, drink it without added sugar and before the vitamins evaporate!

Delphine and Fanny

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