Elles testent nos pâtisseries sur leur glycémie !

They test our pastries on their blood sugar levels!

“I love it ❤️, it’s as good as a classic cheesecake. It’s impressive!”

A few months ago, we were contacted by Coralie and Allyriane, respectively known on Instagram under the names @coco_and_podie and @affectiona_lly , two young women with food and type 1 diabetes, who were interested in our approach because they do not want to prevent themselves from having fun because of their diabetes!

So we invited them to the store so that they could each select a dessert and together we could check the impact of the pastries Oh Yes! on their blood sugar during the hours following the tasting! Watch the full Youtube video to discover their good humor and their surprise at the results: Cakes that don't raise blood sugar? - We test OH YES "IG BAS" pastries - YouTube

Since the beginning of the adventure, it has been important for us to provide everyone, especially people with diabetes, with a reliable scientific answer on the impact of our pastries on blood sugar levels. This is why we asked the Pasteur Institute in Lille to conduct a clinical study on our pastries, and for their glycemic index to always be validated by in vitro analyzes by an approved laboratory!

We guarantee that all our pastries have a glycemic index lower than 25, in particular by removing white sugars, white flour and sweeteners from our pastries ❌! Indeed, we use wholemeal, semi-wholemeal or chickpea flours and sugars with a naturally low GI such as coconut blossom sugar, agave syrup or grape sugar. All our pastries are also rich in fiber, which further slows the absorption of sugar into the blood.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to send us a quick email on contact@ohoui.com, we will respond quickly!

Delphine and Fanny

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