Des alternatives à vos envies sucrées !

Alternatives to your sweet tooth!

If you've come across this blog, it's because you probably want to reduce your sugar intake on a daily basis and sometimes you don't know where to start! So we've listed our little daily tips that are easy to implement!

Hot drinks

Can't stomach your coffee or tea in the morning unless it's sweetened? Have you tried adding a touch of agave syrup? It's a great way to add a touch of sweetness without spiking your blood sugar as soon as you wake up.

Cold drinks

Cold drinks often contain added sugar and especially fruit juices, which, without the fiber in the fruit, are often glycemic bombs. The best thing to do is to drink water throughout the day and if you want to add some taste, infuse it with red fruit, cucumber or lemon!


Are you addicted to your white baguette and jam in the morning? Glycemic peak guaranteed! Choose a spelt bread with a little butter and honey.


For dessert, beware of yoghurt, which is often very sweet. Choose plain yoghurt and add fresh fruit if you want something sweet.


If you love applesauce, make it yourself! Cut your apple into pieces, add a drop of water and cook it gently, stirring from time to time. You can also add vanilla or cinnamon!

The chocolate

The milk chocolate bar doesn't last long in front of your show? Buy 70% dark chocolate and stop at two (well, three!) squares.


Ever since you were little, you can't do without your bowl of cereal in the morning? Choose oatmeal with fresh fruit or porridge for extra creaminess.


Yes, we're talking about less sweet foods and we're talking about pasta? White pasta raises your blood sugar. Choose whole-grain or leguminous pasta, and accompany it with vegetables and oil. In fact, the fiber and fat will slow down the glycemic impact.


Choose Basmati rice or brown rice, which naturally have a low GI! Be careful not to let it cook too long.


On this side, it will be difficult to find a similar equivalent, we advise you to replace your cravings for candy with a piece of fruit or two squares of dark chocolate. Little by little, your desire for candy will be less strong and you will soon stop thinking about it!


For your cravings for pastries or sweet notes for your snack, you can obviously count on Oh Yes! Pastries with an average 50% reduction in sugar compared to traditional pastries on the market and with a low glycemic index to indulge yourself without impacting your blood sugar level!

And you, what have you started to put in place in your routines?

Delphine and Fanny

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