Découvrez TCHAC et cuisinez avec Bérangère Philippon

Discover TCHAC and cook with Bérangère Philippon

If you follow Oh Oui! since the very beginning of the adventure, the first name Marie must necessarily mean something to you! Marie spent her gap year working at Oh Oui! in the first year of its launch, so you probably came across it at the store 👀.

In 2021 she is embarking on an entrepreneurial adventure, with her sisters! With Caroline and Charlotte, they created TCHAC for cooking enthusiasts like them. On their online platform, they offer hundreds of videos of recipes and exclusive techniques from the best chefs to learn how to cook at home, in a simple and sophisticated way 👩‍🍳.

After her Oh Oui! experience, Marie kept in mind the importance of foods with a low glycemic index to meet the demand of the 3.6 million diabetics in France but also of athletes, women with gestational diabetes, and all those who wish to adopt a more balanced diet in general 🙌.

It was therefore quite natural that she invited Bérangère Philippon for an online course! In this 50-minute course, you will learn the basics of how the glycemic index works, the key information about a low GI diet and you will be able to follow 4 healthy and delicious recipes to the letter:

👉 Low GI zucchini parmesan crumble

👉 Banana bread low GI

👉 Low GI raspberry cake

👉 Low GI gluten-free bread

If you are interested, TCHAC exceptionally offers you free access for 7 days without needing to enter a bank card, just click here:

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