Comment bien choisir ses œufs ?

How to choose your eggs ?

Oh Oui ! uses only free-range eggs in its recipes, but do you know its secrets?

Eggs are the cheapest source of protein on the market, and they are full of benefits! Once criticized as being too fatty and too high in cholesterol, nutritionists now recommend it as part of a balanced diet, as it contains essential amino acids, minerals, trace elements and vitamins (A, B, D, E).

However, not all eggs are equal! When buying eggs, it is important to know how to read the labels and codes on the eggs, for our health as well as for the animal welfare . 🐓.

The codes

You must understand the code written on the shell of each egg in front of the letters of the country of origin (FR for example) to know the breeding conditions.

Code 0 = Organic eggs from free-range hens

Code 1 = Free-range eggs

Code 2 = Eggs from hens raised in sheds

Code 3 = Eggs from caged hens, in sheds

We recommend that you consume eggs with codes 0 and 1 because the rearing conditions and the feed of the hens are much better than codes 2 and 3 where the hens are often crowded and have a poor diet, which is reflected in the nutritional values of the egg that you will consume.

Tip 🔍

To know if your eggs are still fresh, place them in a container filled with water:

- If the egg sinks, it is fresh and can be eaten

- If it is sinking but the top of the egg is pointing up, it should be eaten quickly

- If it floats, the egg is no longer good to eat

🧁 You now have all the keys to making good cakes at home!

Delphine & Fanny

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