8 comptes à suivre sur Instagram pour manger à IG bas

8 accounts to follow on Instagram for low GI eating

Finding inspiration or tips for adopting a low glycemic index diet can be difficult. To avoid going round and round with the same recipes, and to find the motivation to continue, we have found a selection of accounts that will help you in your low GI approach!

1) 0 low GI sugar, for daily recipes

Bérengère Philippon created her account more than a year ago, with one objective: to share her low glycemic index recipes of the week. Every morning, you'll discover her accessible, clear and educational dish ideas! She completes her recipes with regular information on the glycemic index and nutrition. If you want to go further, we recommend her book published this winter: the ideal guide for starting a low GI diet!

I succeed in my sugar detox

2) Marie Chioca, the natural permaculturist

Between two photos of the nature that surrounds her, Marie Chioca shares her low GI & gourmet recipes on her account! Between escaping to her plains in the Dauphiné, and wise gardening advice, you'll find a thousand sweet and savoury recipes, for all occasions and all tastes... Marie has also published a book, if you want to delve into low GI nutrition.

The secrets of low glycemic index cooking

3) Anne-Sophie Pasquet, Vegan & Low GI

Anne Sophie Pasquet is a nutritionist who has taken up the challenge of combining low GI and vegan eating! In addition to sharing practical everyday recipes such as heathy snacks or comforting curries, she will give you the keys to understanding GI. Infographics, videos, and even a master class program to understand everything about GI, and to treat yourself without guilt...

4) Mr. Keto, the ketogenic coach

Mr. Keto reveals the essential basics for starting a ketogenic diet. His secret? Ultra-decadent, intelligent and always greedy recipes... He also shares tips and tricks during his lives on the networks. He has just released his book, composed of 50 ketogenic recipes, complete with explanations and testimonials on his diet.

50 shades of fat

5) Passion nutrition, the gourmet expert

Marie-Laure is a dietician-nutritionist. After working in hospitals, she specialized in low GI. She shares her experience (and expertise) through absolutely divine recipes! A special mention for her desserts, which will make everyone happy... Learn more about her Youtube channel and her numerous books dedicated to low GI diet.

My fat burning booklet

5) Ceto vie, lifestyle inspiration

Virginie shares her recipes, advice and ketogirl experience on her account! She tells how she fights multiple sclerosis by eliminating carbohydrates from her diet. She also writes about her daily joys and her possible slumps! In short, she reassures us and accompanies us in this choice of food not always easy to live...

6) Cuisiner ig bas, easy cooking

Albane explains her clever recipe ideas with passion and pedagogy! She also offers videos to help you follow the step-by-step process on her Youtube channel, as well as quick and intuitive explanatory videos on food! You can follow her recipes with your eyes closed, she will give you all the keys to start eating low GI!

8) Oh Oui !, the well-deserved break

Finally, after all these sources of inspiration to help you in your low GI life, we hope that our account will be the little comforting bonus! Thanks to our recipe ideas, our articles and our explanations, we hope that our account will make you want to try one of our pastries ... Out of curiosity, out of greed, and out of choice, always indulge yourself, but without feeling guilty!

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