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Oh Yes!, it's the brand of low glycemic index pastries that views indulgence differently!

Created by passionate foodies for sometimes frustrated foodies, Oh Oui! was born from a simple observation: there are no pastries that combine deliciousness with a measured glycemic impact.

At Oh Oui! don't deprive yourself of dessert anymore and treat yourself to our desserts, tartlets, cheesecakes or even ig cookies without feeling guilty

How to treat yourself when you are diabetic?

At Oh Oui, all our pastries are suitable for diabetics:

  • Up to 65% less sugar: let yourself be surprised by pastries containing on average 50% less sugar than their traditional market equivalents.

  • A glycemic index always lower than 25: while a classic pastry will have a GI of between 50 and 70, Oh Oui! will always have a glycemic index below 25 for a low impact on blood sugar.

  • Natural ingredients: no more white sugar, white flour and sweeteners! We use coconut blossom sugar, agave syrup, wholemeal or chickpea flour which naturally have a low glycemic index.

  • Eat low GI for your well-being: eating with a low glycemic index does not increase your blood sugar and allows you to take care of your figure and your health. No more post-dessert cravings!

What cake to eat when you are diabetic?

Too many people feel guilty or deprive themselves of dessert, whether for medical reasons or by choice. At Oh Oui!, we are convinced that eating well is compatible with pleasure and indulgence. Our reward is the amazed feedback from our customers, relieved to finally be able to indulge in a pastry.

Our pastries can delight people who are careful about their sugar consumption but also type 1 and 2 diabetics or pregnant women with gestational diabetes.

Our partnership with the Pasteur Institute of Lille

Because it was important for us to provide you with a reliable scientific answer, we have been collaborating with the Institut Pasteur de Lille since the beginning of the adventure. Thus, some of our pastries have been the subject of an in vivo clinical study to validate their low glycemic index.

How do we assess the GI of our pastries?

Before integrating our range, each of our recipes is tested in vitro by an independent laboratory. Thus, we ensure that you not only enjoy a gourmet dessert but also one with a low GI.

Are you looking for a particular pastry?

Whether you are looking for a low ig brownie, a low ig cookie, a low ig pastry in Paris or in the rest of France, explore all of our creations and never deprive yourself of dessert!


How do you get a low glycemic index?

We have already removed all white sugars and refined white flours from our recipes. For sugars, we favor unrefined sugars, which have a naturally low glycemic index: coconut sugar (GI 35), grape sugar (GI 21), agave syrup (GI 15). For flours, we favor the maximum amount of fiber, which slows down the absorption of carbohydrates, and therefore lowers the glycemic index: semi-whole wheat flour (T110), chickpea flour and finally bran. oats. We supplement these flours with chicory fiber.

Why did you choose not to use sweeteners?

We refused the option of intense sweeteners (aspartame, acesulfame) and sugar alcohols (maltitol, xylitol, polyols, etc.) despite their very low or even zero glycemic index, because they did not correspond to our values. The taste they provide does not convince us, and their effects on health are disputed.

What sugars do you use?

We favor unrefined sugars, which have a naturally low glycemic index: coconut sugar (GI 35), grape sugar (GI 21), agave syrup (GI 15).

How do you measure the glycemic index?

Before becoming part of our range, all our pastries are subject to in vitro testing in an independent approved laboratory. Enzymatic solutions are used to mimic the digestion process in the laboratory by artificially simulating the passages in the stomach and intestines. Samples are taken at different “digestion times” to measure the carbohydrates released quickly as well as those released slowly.

In order to provide a reliable scientific answer to our customers, some of our pastries have even been the subject of a clinical study (in vivo) carried out by the Pasteur Institute in Lille.

What are the benefits of a low glycemic index food?

Between the rise in diabetes and an increase in awareness of the importance of our diet, more and more people are looking for a less sugary pastry with a low glycemic index. A low GI ingredient will not disrupt blood sugar levels, and will avoid the insulin spike. We thus limit the transformation of sugar into fat (and therefore storage), and fatigue of the body.

Is there a difference between load and glycemic index?

The glycemic index measures the speed of absorption of carbohydrates into the blood, but if you consume a very large quantity of carbohydrates, even at a low glycemic index, blood sugar levels will ultimately be strongly impacted! This is why the glycemic load makes it possible to measure both the speed of absorption (GI) and the quantity ingested (grams of carbohydrates) using a calculation:

CG = (GI x g of carbohydrates in the serving) x 100

A classic pastry ranks around 20 in glycemic load (high CG), while an Oh Oui! has a very low CG, less than 5!

Do we feel a difference in taste compared to a classic pastry?

No no no. We are greedy above all, and it was fundamental for us to create a pastry that pleases. The goal was that someone who tastes our pastries would never say “it’s not sweet or not sweet enough.” At Oh Oui!, we make PLEASURE pastries!

Can diabetics eat your pastries?

Oh Yes!, our pastries are suitable for all gourmets and also for diabetics who need to monitor their blood sugar levels, as they have a low impact on blood sugar levels. All carbohydrate information is displayed on our product pages.

Have you ever heard from people with diabetes?

In store, we receive diabetics every day who confirm that they do not have a blood sugar spike after eating our pastries. Several diabetologists and nutritionists send us their patients, who are delighted to be able to treat themselves, this remains our greatest reward!

Can pregnant women eat your pastries?

Quite ! Our recipes are made with milk or
pasteurized cream, and the eggs are still cooked! Also, and this is the very essence of Oh Oui!, you will be able to treat yourself even if you develop gestational diabetes during your pregnancy, thanks to the low glycemic index of our pastries!

Are there fewer calories?

There are a little fewer calories than a classic pastry, but a low glycemic index has the virtue of limiting the transformation of sugar into fat: by avoiding the insulin peak, the carbohydrates are not converted into fat: we can therefore eat more peacefully and without feeling guilty about your figure.

Do you plan to offer gluten-free or lactose-free pastries in the future?

We have done some promising tests on a gluten-free pastry, we still have a few adjustments to make! For lactose-free and vegan, it's in the back of our minds, we will keep you informed of progress on these subjects!